Anuol Deng Kuoreng, Barrister, is the Founder and Managing partner of Awatkeer Law Chambers and carries out the overall management of the firm. He also together with the partners formulates the firm’s policies from time to time.

  • Anuol Deng Kuoreng, Barrister, is a United Kingdom trained Barrister, who studied his law degree and Bar at Northumbria Law School in Newcastle and was called to the Bar of England & Wales by the Honorable Society of Lincolns Inn in London.
  • Mr. Deng holds an LLM and Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the UK Universities.
  • He is also a lifetime member of the honorable society of Lincolns Inn in London, Bar of England and Wales and a fully qualified member of South Sudan Bar Association.
  • Apart from his qualifications, Mr. Deng has extensive work experience in various areas of law.
  • He worked for Amsterdam and peroff in London on Human rights cases, and worked in York with minister law solicitors before he went to serve for the Appeals Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda in The Hague, Netherlands.
  • Anuol Deng Kuoreng is a specialist Barrister in all areas of the law, but lately has been heavily involved in Oil and Gas and commercial cases including international arbitration cases.
  • He helps to guide clients or other advocates on the direction of the case or legal matter.
  • He is the most senior Barrister of the firm in South Sudan.

Awatkeer Law Chambers has well qualified lawyers with experience in vast areas of the law